GlueAngel G Flex Tape

GlueAngel G FLEX Tape is an eco-friendly, incurable, one-sided and self-adhesive sealing tape. It is made of butyl rubber by special processing, features a UV stable white backing and an unwrinkled release film which has better sealing and waterproofing than ordinary tapes. With its features of non-toxic, no contraction, anti-aging, and odourless. It can work well in preventing shakes, sealing, waterproofing in all roofs including commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Applications & Uses
Surface must be clean and dry. Moisture, dust, dirt or other foreign matter should be removed. Remove the release liner at one end and apply to the surface. Finish by gradually removing the liner and applying the rest of tape over the repair area. Avoid stretching the tape. Apply extra pressure to the tape to seal the bond, a roller may be helpful.

Used in the Automotive, roofing, cabling, industrial, construction and air-conditioning industries.


  • An instant water-tight bond for optimum sealing.
  • Excellent waterproofing and insulating properties.
  • Offers conformability to irregular surfaces.
  • Secures protection when used as a sealant against moisture and dust.
  • Exceptional anti-vibration properties as well.

Pack Size
G Flex Tape – 77FLEX5080

  • 4in x 10ft – 12 Per Box
  • 2in x 10ft – 24 Per Box

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