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Delicate Touch - GlueAngel
  • Nail glue that’s non-carcinogenic and does not spill out if knocked over.
  • Duct tape with funky patterns.
  • Quick(almost instant)-dry super glue.
  • Hobby glues, the right size, easy to squeeze out and close.
  • Watch our list grow…





You deserve it!

Finally, a Range of Tapes, Glues and other Adhesive products dedicated and made especially for the lady in charge,
because You deserve it!

You are a multi-tasker, a crafter, a DIYer, a fixer. You are caring, courageous and deserve the best.

GlueAngel “Delicate Touch!” was developed just for you. Whether you are helping with a home work project, fixing something around the house, attaching or repairing a broken nail, or scrap booking……we have something just for you.

You could be a DIYer, a nail technician, a mom, an artist, a hobby pro, a career magnate or the girl next door, we have heard you, we have listened, and we have made this for you.

Time and ease-of-use are of the utmost essence, so whether it’s a glue that dries quicker, a tape that looks funkier, or a bottle that won’t leak if spilt, we have taken it all in and here it is. Just for you.

We make it stronger, easier, quicker and simpler to use, and more importantly, your health is vital, so we take extra care and precautions regarding what goes inside.

Your time is valuable, you are busy, let us help you finish those projects with your kiddos, hang that mirror in the bathroom, tape that box up, fix that broken finger nail and so much more, all done with no mess, no fuss, safely and securely!

You definitely do deserve it and this is just the start.