GlueAngel-about-us- National Adhesive

GlueAngel brings you tried and tested international products to be used from DIY products through to arts and crafts. The quality and success of this brand has led to a Licensing Agreement with DuPont Great Stuff™. We are serious about our customers, communication, education, Sealants & Adhesives. ‘Beyond Glue’ is not a just a slogan, it’s our approach to our products.

Mission Statement

GlueAngel is committed to manufacturing and providing adhesives, silicones, sealants, spray paints and tapes of exceptional quality at affordable prices. We aim to provide consumers with excellent service and peace of mind that their GlueAngel product is guaranteed to fulfill its function expertly and competently.

Our Promise

The GlueAngel brand name is synonymous with Quality and Service Excellence.

Our Commitment To You

We at GlueAngel pride ourselves on our social commitment to responsible recycling and stringent solvent and adhesive handling. We have a strict stance against adhesive and solvent abuse and refuse to supply or be associated with companies or customers in the market that encourage this abuse.